Seeds will become Trees and Mountains will be Moved

“Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice, said, ‘Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.'” (Luke 23:46)

“Think about what happened after the excruciating pain of the moment Jesus said the above words. He trusted, even in the face of seeming disaster, His total being unto Me.  And I did not fail Him. I made His name above all names; I gave Him power above all powers; I arranged for Him to live forever – even in the flesh, through believers.

I do not call upon you to go through the same trials as did Jesus – but I do call upon you to trust me as He did, obey Me as He did – and to believe that the results of your doing so will unleash miracles as I did through His trust, His obedience, and His belief in miracles.

My power and my glory are to be in evidence in the world – and it is through believers that this is made possible in many places, at many times, in many circumstances.

Dare to try to think, to pray, to act, as if Jesus is using your mind, your heart, and your body to live again. It is so – when you behave as it is so, when you are committed to that goal.

You know enough of love, of goodness, of kindness, through family and friends, in addition to the Word and the Spirit, to use these qualities as the enhancement of your character. Discipline yourself – use your imagination to be the power of discipline. You can picture your optimum results based on the thoughts, words and deeds which you know are Jesus – prompted within your mind, your spirit and your body.

When you desire to do something other than the thing you know is right – pause then pray in Jesus Name, imagine the great results of being disciplined, and savor them.

Your seeds will become trees, your mountains will be moved – and as your faith is expressed, it will inspire others to seek Me, to seek My Will, to seek My Way.”


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