Isaiah 57:1,2

Mom made this note before her “meditation thought”:

“I am to do what I can and not fret for God will do what I do not do – I cannot control circumstances a great deal, but I can live a righteous life, by God’s grace and power and my faith and obedience. I need not be concerned with details of how I am living a righteous life – only to look for God in all circumstances seeking His will and His way.”

Meditation Thought: “For the righteous man is taken away from calamity, he enters into peace. They rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness.” Isaiah 57:1a,2

Guilt is such a heavy burden that it destroys the joy of works and hinders the accomplishment of great works.

Yet God has provided a way for us to never have that burden of guilt for long – as soon as we repent – realizing we have been wrong, and desiring to be right(eous), He takes it from us. We are free to carry the lighter burdens of the duties of life, the works of God and discharging of our responsibilities.

If we labor under the burden of guilt, we are overtired from it, and cannot rest. But exercising in carrying our proper load – all we were meant to carry, in God’s perfect plan for us – we can rest in peace at night, knowing we accomplished our day’s tasks as we should, and nothing nags at us to interfere with our relaxation.

We can avoid guilt in two ways: by doing right, and by realizing that it is possible to correct our wrong actions, and then taking action to do so. This is the “priceless pearl”, the “treasure”  – it is what everyone longs for – the joy of clear conscience, and thus unfettered thinking and movement. Jesus bought this for us – He sacrificed dearly for it, and wants us to accept the gift, that His joy may be full in the giving – in this expression of His love for us.


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